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Why do you need 2 photographers at a wedding?

Why do you need 2 photographers at a wedding?

Very often I am asked whether a second photographer is necessary at a wedding. In this short article, we will try to clear this not-so-simple question out.

Style Every wedding photographer has their own unique style of photography, which represents the photographer's distinctive qualities that make their work recognizable and set them apart from everyone else.

Each wedding photographer has their own secrets in photo editing. Therefore, by hiring two photographers right away, you get two completely different opinions on your wedding. This will help fill your wedding album or book with multiple colors and emotions. The same person in the photos can look completely different on the pictures of two different photographers. If you don't like yourself on the first photographer's photo, it's quite possible that you will like yourself on the second one. And that means you won't end up with bad photos in the end.

Quantity For newlyweds, the wedding is such a significant event that they want everything to go perfectly, and the wedding photos to never end. By ordering the services of several professional photographers at once, you get twice as many wedding photos. Great, isn't it?

What is the photographer (the first one) doing at the wedding? Throughout the day, he tries not to lose sight of the bride and groom. The newlyweds are his absolute priority. This is normal, and this is exactly how clients imagine the photographer's role. Inevitably, a lot remains outside of the photographer's field of vision, which is later missed when compiling a comprehensive picture of the celebration. Yes, the main heroes of the wedding celebration are naturally at the center of events, but a lot worthy of being captured is happening on the periphery of this circle.

When the newlyweds go for a walk at the photographer's request, leaving their guests for a few minutes (no more than ten!), guests, of course, don't start smoking with boring faces. Returning in half an hour, the newlyweds discover that the party continued without them and was not going to stop, but, on the contrary, was gaining momentum.