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My story

Let's get acquainted...

My name is Anton... But you can call me Tony. My last name translates from Ukrainian like Trump so it became my alias name. It is like in card games... And yes, it's really such a surname! And no, I am not related to Donald =)

I am a wedding and event photographer. Enthusiast 100%, I love my job, and above all, I try to take pictures that my clients will appreciate. My shooting style can be described rather like a Feature reportage based on people's relations with stage setting elements than just abstract pictures for photo stocks!

I will try to tell a little about myself without too much modesty.

Now I live with my family in Gothenburg, Sweden. And I always look forward to a working occasion to visit other cities and countries. I work 100% in good conscience. Since the age of 10, I have been falimilared with the concept of exposure, although until 2011 I did not even imagine that photography, and especially wedding photography, would become my main and favorite profession.

Before the Russian-Urkainian war I was living and shooting in my native city — Kharkiv, Ukraine (1.7 million population). It took me a while to become a wedding photographer: a nightclub, where I worked for the first 3.5 years, honed my dark locations shooting skills 5 days a week. It served as a big impetus in my career. Now I can proudly say that I know everything about events and reportage shooting, and I can convey the atmosphere of any event.

I am ashamed to admit that I did not always like being a photographer, it is mainly caused by the stress of the post-processing routine, but I continued to develop myself for my grateful clients sake, who invited me to their events over and over again. And one fine day I realized that photography is my fifth element, and began to re-study the theory as if I knew nothing about either the technique or the process, to not miss a single smallest detail, that could make my photos become even a tad better. Constant self-criticism allows me to improve to this day.

A wedding photographer is perhaps the broadest specialization, as it includes reportage, photo shoots, and a little product photography too, but communication skills with people are also important. Most photographers hide from the world behind their big black cameras, and it took a lot of effort for me to overcome my introvert. Although I did not become an excellent speaker. =)

I already have quite a lot of experience in photography in various genres, but most of all I like to shoot weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and similar holidays and events. In my pictures I try to convey the mood of the holiday and the tenderness of relationships. I pay great attention to photo processing, which many underestimate, after that the photos become more "live" and colorful. I also actively use pulsed light, if necessary, several sources, so that in any room the photos look as good as on the street.

I hardly do self-promotion - new orders appear mainly thanks to old clients. Often I become a family photographer, and after the wedding I am present at christenings, birthdays and other family photo shoots. =)

Despite the fact that quite a lot of equipment has passed through my hands, I want to give advice to those who choose a photographer for themselves: do not ask what equipment the photographer has (it's a little annoying), rather look at the portfolio and decide if you like the photos. The ability to handle technology is much more important than the numbers in its name. And, as I said, the level of processing is important.