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Locations for a photo shoot

I want to talk to you about how to choose a location for a photo shoot and give a few recommendations specifically for Kharkiv.

Whether it's a budget wedding or you're ready to splurge and book a wedding in a country estate or luxury hotel.

In the latter case, it's simple - you choose one place where the bride's preparations, photo shoot, ceremony, and banquet will take place. In this case, the advice on whether to choose an establishment within the city or some distance from it, I discussed in an article about an outdoor ceremony. And now we will take a closer look at how to conduct a photo shoot in public places.

Perhaps the choice of location should start with an idea of the wedding photo shoot. This part of the wedding day is sometimes called a walk, but personally, I separate these two concepts.

If you want to have a wedding photo shoot with the goal of acquiring the maximum number of artistic shots, it's better to walk without guests and choose 1-2 secluded locations to work productively in. But if you're not willing to work hard for your wedding album and prefer casual walks with friends, and the photo shoot is more in the style of reportage, it's better to choose public places, such as parks or squares.

To make it easier to determine the shooting location, I suggest dividing all options into groups:

Also, there's another category: places that I wouldn't recommend for a wedding shoot. These include various Soviet-era tourist attractions that cannot be modernized in any way due to their primitive design, as well as places where the midday light doesn't work well - the artistic aspect of the photo will suffer in such places.